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Ilia Gorovitz (Tashkent 1990) is a drummer and composer who focuses on electroacoustic experiments, usually involving intricate rhythms and distorted sounds. He is active in the Berlin underground music scene since 2019, performing with his various projects (PΞB,Stumpf,Genu Porcodio), organizing events and co running the record label "Edelfaul".

2023-2024 Solo tour around Europe (M.S stubnitz in Hamburg, Kultur im Bunker in Bremen, Sotu Festival in Amsterdam, ACU in Utrecht, Cafe Central in Brussels, and Kultur A in Liége. Working on and releasing 3 records (solo, with the band Stumpf and the band PΞB) with plans for two big Berlin events (record release in Kantine Berghain and KVU) , solo tour and a PΞB tour.


2019-2022 performing solo and with different projects (Stumpf, PΞB, Genau Porcodio), as well as collaborating and performing with different musicians (Tony Elieh, Sara Persico, Sofia Salvo, Rieko Okuda, Mat Pogo, Munsha) organizing musical events and co running the record label Edelfaul.


2018-2019 Traveled through California and Europe playing in various venues such as Hi Hat club and Rec Center in LA, Space Bar and Whistle stop Bar in San Diego, Moustache in Tijuana,76A in Naples, La point Lafayette in Paris, Barlock in Brussels and The Lexington in London.


2016-2018 Active member of the band Hynom, frequently performing and collaborating with different artists in different venues in Israel such as Barby,Sira Pub, Mazkeka, Pergamon, Hatzolelet, Levontin 7 and Teder.











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Upcoming Shows



17.2 with PΞB @trxxter, Berlin

21.2 with Sofia Salvo and Giorgio Elleeffezeta @3xr, Berlin

23.2 with PΞB @KVU, Berlin

25.2 with Genau Porcodio @ PAS, Berlin

28.2 with PΞB @Rauchhous, Berlin

9.3 with PΞB in Vienna, Austria

15.3 with Stumpf @KVU, Berlin

21.3 with PΞB @KVU, Berlin

25.3 with PΞB @Shokoladen, Berlin

12.4 with PΞB @Ausland, Berlin

19.4 with Munsha @Ausland, Berlin

27.4 with PΞB @Hinterraum, Berlin

10.5 with Perperuna, Wuzi Khan, Ofer Tisser, 

Diburnagua, Asja Skrinik, Su Dance110 and Infinite Livez @Kantina am Berghine, Berlin


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